We have a podcast!

Not long after we got the Patreon page all set up, and this site reworked and it was all going along lovely… I got a job. Actually, I got several jobs. Multiple jobs. And suddenly found myself working 50 plus hours a week with a daily drive of about 2 hours. Now, this meant I had way less time to work on the CU group and website but it did mean that I had plenty of downtime to listen to audio books and podcasts. Then it occurred to me, I also have time to record a podcast. Now, granted, recording a podcast while driving means that there is no script, because you can’t drive and read at the same time. And it means that the sound quality isn’t great (at least until I got a decent microphone, which I have now.) So the first 4 episodes are pretty bad quality wise but it is getting better and I am learning.I am not promising amazing audio quality or professional podcasts, it’s just me and my many, many words. 🙂

We are 5 episodes in (with another ready to be edited, which will still have not so great sound quality because I recorded it spontaneously after a really bad day and before I had the mic set up for in the car.) I didn’t post it other than on my private blog until I was sure we would actually get more than 2 episodes out of it. I do have a youtube channel set up for it as well if you prefer to listen there (I am working on getting the current podcasts posted there), or you can listen via your favorite podcast aggregator. I post them all immediately to Castbox (my favorite aggregator) and then later will go back and add them to Youtube as I have time.

So, if you prefer listening to podcasts on YouTube you can subscribe on the Unschool Carpool youtube channel (complete with random videos of the current weather at the time that I upload the video- down the road I hope to get some footage of the actual drive to post in the video just for fun.) And if you prefer downloading or listening to streaming podcasts you can get the audio only version here on Castbox.

Unschooling Question: What About Math and the Other Boring Stuff They Need?

This post was written back in 2008– since then we have become completely radical unschoolers and it has been an amazing journey.  Back then I never would have guessed the kids would become passionately interested in and teach themselves (yes, they have taken on ALL the boring stuff.:))

I run into this question often from friends, family members, forums, and even unschooling friends. Many are fearful enough that their children won’t naturally attempt to learn things they deem boring or important (often both) that they specifically purchase a curriculum for just that subject – regardless of whether the child has shown interest in it. Continue Reading

When Unschooling Becomes a Lifestyle

The other day the antique appraiser I help out, remembering how in the past I have needed to work less in order to spend time teaching the kids, asked when I needed to change my schedule and be less available. It caught me off guard because I have gotten so used to our lifestyle of learning.

It took me a moment to come up with an answer that would avoid getting into this whole unschooling business but also satisfy her. I said that the kids had, for the most part, taken over their own learning and listed quickly off all the projects they have done in the last few months, being careful to point out the expected learning that has occurred in this unexpected way. She was satisfied and moved on to the project at hand while I got to be completely honest without going into a detailed explanation. Continue Reading

New to Unschooling? Begin at the Beginning

So you have prayed and researched and prayed a lot more and you definitely feel God calling you towards unschooling. Suddenly you are panicked – no more curriculum, no more parent-led schedules, no more kids being taught what the parents think the kids should know.

Now what!?

getting soaked and making friends

First, relax, and pray. If this is where God is leading you then He will help you more than any of us. Continue Reading