What We’re Reading – Going Into June

Are you always looking for good book recommendations?  Do you like to see what other unschoolers (and their parents) are reading?

Now you can have a look at “What We’re Reading” – a monthly blog hop all about sharing the great books, blogs, and blurbs that unschoolers are enjoying!

Here are the rules (very simple):

  1. Write a post on your blog about what books, articles, magazines, and blogs you and your children have been enjoying lately.
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  4. Check back often to see what others are reading!
If you don’t have your own blog, you can share your reading treasures in the comments below!

What We’re Reading: The Bussingers

Reading about Bali on the Nook

It’s been a while since I updated on our reading adventures! We have discovered that the library on our military post is right across from where Daddy works and convenient to us when we walk to get basic supplies. They also don’t give out late fines, which is a blessing and a curse.

Naturally this has led to a lot of reading joy. Everyone has experienced a surge in their book interests. Well, that and the discovery of an amazing used bookstore right near our house.

reading nook

What the girls are reading

Raven is working on three series at the same time right now:

Denna has been working her way through the different Faries collections from Rainbow Magic. The other day in the bookstore we discovered a series called Andrew Lost. They seem to be similar to Magic School Bus except they are short chapter books. She bought In The Bathroom that went nicely with her love for all things DNA and micro-organisms right now.

The girls have both enjoyed these together:

  • Marvelous Mattie (about a woman inventor during the late 1800’s)
  • Who Says Women Can’t Be Doctors (Elizabeth Blackwell)
  • The Bravest Woman in America (Ida Lewis – lighthouse keeper)
  • Tiger Hunt – an ebook we got about an adventure in Bali

civil war women part 2

As you can tell by the titles of some of the books, we are still on a Civil War kick. Reading about different important women that lived during the era has been fascinating, and has brought up some great discussions about voting, slavery, the role of women in society, etc.

What we’re reading to Gus

Gaius has discovered that he loves it when we read him a bedtime book. He is finally at that age where he can interact with the story and stay still long enough to enjoy them.

  • Mr. Putter and Tabby – for a boy who loves robots and ninjas, he has a soft spot for this old guy and his old cat.
  • Commander Toad in Space – I read this to him the other day and plan to read it to the girls for some great discussion!
  • Dr. Seuss – our boy has discovered the wonder that is a Seuss book. His favorite so far is Cat in the Hat.

What the adults are reading

mom and dad reading

  • Dragon Fate – Jay is on the final book in The Age of Fire, a curious fantasy set by E.E. Knight that is written from the perspective of the dragons instead of humans.
  • Siddhartha – because I’m a philosophy nerd. And because I’ve never read Hesse and this looked like an easy intro to his work.
  • Everything Bad Is Good For You – I read a few chapters out of this and then I end up reading it out loud to Jay while he plays PS3. Amazing book about media, popular culture, and how it might be making us smarter.

What I’m reading online

Real quick I just want to give a shout out for some awesome articles I’ve read lately:

Now it’s your turn! Share what your family has been reading!

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  2. Jenifer Conner says:

    My little girls are reading all the Saddle Club books I was able to find at the used book store. My oldest is reading the Odyssey and I’m reading the Science of God by Gerald Schroeder. I’m also reading the Dr. Suess books to my 6 yo by request. My 12yo boy is enjoying Huck Finn right now.

  3. Becky L says:

    I love this post! Great idea and I’ll be linking to my post soon

  4. Terri says:

    We love Andrew Lost!

  5. Joan says:

    Thanks for sharing my post – and may I just say how jealous we are of your bookstore??

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