Christian Unschooling: Initial Doubts

During the month of May at Christian Unschooling, our bloggers will tackle some of the initial skepticisms they had about unschooling, and the surprises in store for them as their real life experiences helped resolve their doubts. Each blogger will address a doubt or skepticism she had regarding unschooling and how it was resolved.

Doubts such as: “Unschooling parents are just lazy! They just don’t want to take the time to sit down and work with their kids!” and “Surely unschooled kids won’t learn the basics they need to know,” and of course “Unschoolers will be unprepared for the real world.”

If you’re curious about unschooling but have doubts, read along as our Christian Unschooling bloggers show you the doubts they had at first, and how they found answers that strengthened their resolve that unschooling was the right path to choose for their families.

In addition, keep an eye out for our weekly features! Unschooling in Action posts on Thursdays with photographs of real, live unschoolers doing real, live unschooling. Upload your pictures to our Facebook page for a chance to see them showcased in our next Unschooling in Action post! And Fridays read our Unschooling Portraits, featuring interviews with unschooling parents.

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~ The Editors

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