Autodidacticism is Contagious

I took this photo of my son, helping his grandmother learn a software program to remind me: my children are and always will be autodidacts. He had no knowledge of this software Grandma wanted help with, but he was there to help give her the confidence she needed to see how to explore and learn what it was she needed to know. If there’s one thing autodidacts know how to do, it’s helping others learn how to be autodidacts themselves.

Wchristmas2012 001hen my children were babes, of course my husband and myself were the main autodidacts in their lives they modeled from. As many of us veterans to the lifestyle understand, it doesn’t take very long before your children are exercising their own autodidactism, whether you want them to or not!

My boys have taught themselves so many things beyond what I thought they would need to know. I’m truly grateful to God he designed them to have curiosities I could not fathom, let alone figure out how to strew or model.

I’m currently recovering from health issues including surgery, and had I not been privileged to witness how wonderfully unschooling has worked these past almost 14 years, I think I would feel insecure. I know I would fail to recognize their education stems from their lives, not so much mine. Yes, my husband and I have had life experiences of value that we’ve shared with them, but our children have been born in a different time, in different circumstances and have different paths to follow.

I’ve had to respect the path God chose for their lives and trust in it. When we needed to be there, we were. When we didn’t need to be there, we knew it was okay to let them have a go of it on their own.

While they are still here, living in our nest, its been a privilege to witness scenes like this photo. Its confirmation they have retained their naturally ability to be life long learners, and witnessing how they also know how to share this talent with others is truly a blessing.

~ Dawn

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