Mission Statement: Giving children the freedom to grow in wisdom and stature, in knowledge and understanding, and in favor with God and men, in the direction that God leads them.

We are a group of Christians whom God has called to home educate. We each have been called individually to school in an untraditional manner, led to follow Him in the way our children should go instead of following the world.

For some of us this comes out as radical unschooling – our children have no formal lessons unless they take them on themselves. For others the schedule and learning is very relaxed or eclectic and looks different from the structured classroom at home that people expect from Christians.

Regardless, each of us has felt called to give up more formal studies and curriculum in order to allow God freedom to work in our children and show THEM (and us through their interests) the way they should go, what they should learn, and how they should learn it.

This site is a group blog, where each writer has the freedom to write as they see fit, when they see fit. If you are interested in writing for our site, please contact Heather (gracedbychrist @ gmail . com) with a sample of what you are interested in sharing.

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