Having a Hard Time Understanding Unschooling?


When I first heard of the philosophy of unschooling, it immediately stirred something inside of me. I could sense an innate truth within it and my heart both eagerly and timidly reached out to grasp it. But my mind? Well, my mind took a little longer.

You see, my mind needed evidence. Logic. Proof. And while those things can definitely be found in unschooling, they’re not black and white. The proof in the pudding of unschooling is not standardized, it’s individualized and it flows like the Spirit. The evidence you have of your six-year-old reading might not materialize the same way with my six-year-old because we’re all different and have different interests and develop at different paces. Continue Reading

Unschooling Portraits: Cathy

Cathy, please introduce yourself:

I have a website at Christian-unschooling.com – you can read a lot about us there. Here I will just sum up by saying that I have five children, none of whom ever went to school. I dislike the institution of school, although I recognize that there are many wonderful people in that institution, doing a great job in difficult circumstances. We live on a small farm, in the English countryside, and we have one horse and six ponies, whom we love very much indeed. Continue Reading

Unschooling Portraits: Patrice

Patrice, please introduce yourself:

We are currently a family of five. My husband is an air traffic controller who owns a tax business and I’m into all things natural birth. I’m a doula, student midwife, placenta encapsulation specialist, author (I wrote a book about my births), herbalist (I make lotions, soap, medicines and a lot of other things), and I’m a classically trained coloratura soprano. My husband and I have 3 sweet girls: Jaiela (jay-la) is 12 at the moment, Jenai (jen-ay) is currently 7, and Jasmine is 3 for now. We are more on the radical unschooling side of things. My blog is Empowered to Live Naturally. Continue Reading

Unschooling Portraits: Erin

Erin, please introduce yourself:

erinjHello, my name is Erin. I blog at A Number of Things. My blog has that title for a good reason … we have a lot going on! I have a wonderful hubby who programs computers and dreams of teaching music at the university level. He also reads theology tomes and roasts coffee. We have three Goombas: Natalie, aged 6, who wants to be a dragon; Seth, aged 4, who builds things and draws train tracks; and Cody, aged 19 months, who is closely related to Taz. We’re also nearly finished with the process of adopting Goomba #4, Abi, aged 3, from Ethiopia. We’re excited and impatient to bring her home! Continue Reading

From Public School to Unschool: Part 2


If you haven’t already, please read Part 1: From Public School to Unschool.


So, why am I being a bit harsh on the current educational system? Well, I’ll tell you one big reason I feel qualified, in part, to criticize the current educational system, is because I am a product of it.

Hello, my name is Jessica, and I’m a Public School Graduate. Continue Reading

From Public School to Unschool: Part 1

Just about everything I believe about education has changed in my first year of homeschooling.

I’ve thrown myself, full throttle, reading, thinking, delving towards the truth I know is at the bottom of this educational pit somewhere.

I’ve been challenged to reconsider everything I’ve previously thought about education. I’ve questioned every model I’ve ever personally experienced. Continue Reading

Unschooling Myths and Misconceptions: Unschooling is Unparenting

One of the biggest misunderstandings I’ve found that people have with unschooling, particularly in Christian unschooling, is the question of guidance. People seem to jump to the conclusion that Unschooling = Unparenting. Christians assume that if you’re unschooling it means you’re not guiding your children or “training them up in the way they should go.”

So, for the record, let me very clearly state – the parenting philosophy behind unschooling typically involves a LOT of guidance, y’all! Continue Reading