Unschooling and Unchurching: Parallels

The gradual development of our philosophy on unschooling has paralleled our God journey to a place free from the obligations of religious institutions that we like to call “unchurching.” We didn’t deliberately set out to do this, but rather God has gently called us out of the comfort of the structures that held us, and He has brought us into a place of true freedom. Continue Reading

Manifesting a Nest

How will we make sure our children don’t miss out on learning everything they need to know? Our answer to this is — by faith, we’re certain that they will receive the learning opportunity at the right time for them.

Here’s a recent, practical example.

Aisha was sitting on my lap recently. “What is a bird’s nest made of?” she asks — out of the blue. I feel triumphant by the question — surely this is a clear demonstration that although we had previously been talking about food, Aisha’s unschooled mind is ranging wider in search of truth and knowledge. Continue Reading