This is a conversation-based group where we interact on the assumption that all have some form of Christian identity (with belief in Christ being the only prerequisite) and that we are all attempting to move towards unschooling or deepen our current unschooling lives. Answers given will be of an unschooling nature.

Please refrain from posting commercials, ads, or business related stuff. Many of the moderators have websites that are geared towards natural learning and unschooling, but we do not use the group as a promotional channel. Others have written gentle parenting books and still others have occasional giveaways that might interest those in the group.

If it works as a comment to answer a specific request, that’s the time to post a link or tell people about it.

Absolutely NO ads for curriculum or for websites that sell curriculum or for free worksheets etc. will be approved.

Posting is pre-moderated. Moderators reserve the right to approve posts as they see fit, with a timeliness that doesn’t interfere with their main life commitments. At times, a moderator may contact you privately to point you to requested resources, or questions may be repurposed into more generalized terms.

Currently our active admins are:

  • Gail Floyd Pace
  • Vanessa Pruitt
  • Aadel Bussinger
  • Mariellen Harris Menix
  • Pam Clark
  • Cathi Dyck
  • Carma Paden
  • Traci Gardner Porter

Backup admins (people who are busier and may not have time to respond):

  • Grace Starr Galarneau
  • Patrice London
  • Dawn Brooks
  • Monica Brand

You are free to add your website or business to the following documents where others can find you:

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