Guest Post from a CU Teen

This post was submitted by a 17 year old Christian unschooler, writing under the pen name TrisĀ Cadekifobia. Tris has previously written for other homeschooling outlets under other names.


How do you see the world?

When you look at a cat, what do you see? An animal? Whiskers? A cute and cuddly hairball? A mouse trap? Claws? A creature susceptible to the taunting of a dangling string? A poop machine? Impending doom? Continue Reading

Our Unschooled Friday

We’ve been unschooling since the last millennium. (Wow, that sounds impressive, but really isn’t.) When my second son was born in 1999, I decided I didn’t want to miss any more of the daily discoveries of my two boys, so I left the corporate world and embraced an entirely new lifestyle.

Our unschooling day in 2012 of course doesn’t look like it did in 1999. Actually our unschooling day today doesn’t look like it did yesterday. Unschooling means we meet our needs at the moment, and our needs are constantly changing. Continue Reading

How I Know Unschooling Works

So I’ve known for quite a while now that unschooling rocks and works. But today I got conclusive proof of how incredibly awesome it really is.

I’m working with another homeschooling mom to put together a presentation at the local library’s summer reading club for kids on the theme “The Library is Your Kingdom.” I got pulled in because, hello, my name is Mari and I’m a total medieval geek. But I’m the kind of geek that doesn’t feel the need to take things tooooo seriously so this presentation is partly educational, partly action-packed, and fully hella fun. Continue Reading