Want to know what unschooling looks like for other families?

Unschooling Portraits take you into the lives of unschooling families not unlike yourself as they answer a few pointed questions that reveal what the philosophy and lifestyle looks like in their homes.

Would you like to share your own perspective?

Just answer these simple questions and we will publish your interview on our blog. Portraits are published about once a month on Thursdays.

Please introduce yourself.

What does your typical day look like?

What does the term “unschool” mean to you?

Have you always unschooled or did you, like many, gradually move from traditional homeschooling (or public school) towards unschooling? If so, where are you in the process and how did you get there?

What interests do your kids have that you never would have guessed they would develop?

What are some of the benefits of unschooling that you have seen?

What are some of the negatives?

Tell us about your best day (or your worst).

Favorite definition of unschooling:

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